FirstLine Therapy Certification Program
If you’re like most healthcare providers and physicians, you don’t have the time, the tools, or a practical financial model to allow you to give your patients the help they really need to make meaningful lifestyle changes.

That’s why the FirstLine Therapy Certification Program was designed as a 3 ½-day, intensive educational seminar—to give you the training and tools to implement a successful TLC program in your clinical setting as soon as possible.

This program is presented in an interactive format that combines lectures with practice sessions for participants to learn and master the use of FirstLine Therapy tools. It is structured with components for both licensed healthcare practitioners (with responsibility to prescribe lifestyle therapy, medical foods, or dietary supplements) and key practice staff members called Lifestyle Educators who will help educate, motivate, and monitor patients.

Learn how to:
  • Integrate TLC counseling into your practice
  • Create an effective clinic flow and staff organization
  • Screen candidates and evaluate progress
  • Use bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to monitor and motivate patients
  • Build skills for those new to health-coaching relationships
  • Teach patients healthy eating habits they can maintain for life
  • Prescribe effective, research-based nutritional protocols
  • Promote FirstLine Therapy in your community
Plus, you'll learn clinical implementation pearls from successful FirstLine Therapy practitioners.

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Implementing TLC: Three easy steps
Full-Service Implementation*
  • 3-day, onsite assistance for clinicians and staff
  • Get help designing office flow, scheduling, designing a revenue model, and billing insurance
  • Receive ongoing support from FirstLine Therapy training staff and Metagenics
Hands-on Training & Certification
  • Comprehensive 3.5-day program led by FirstLine Therapy clinicians in multiple cities year-round
  • Learn how to prescribe program, monitor and motivate patients, and customize for your practice
  • Additional online training to empower support staff and save you time
Prescribe, Produce Results & Profit
  • Recommend to current and new patients for a variety of chronic illness conditions
  • Coach, track, and observe patient success
  • Adopt, evaluate, and enjoy practice success